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In the privacy of the narrow hallway under the fire stairs of the Mosque Theater, while other performers are on stage before 3000 fans in the audience, Elvis is concentrating on his date for the day.

Although flashbulbs were going off constantly during the performance, I knew they wouldn’t affect my still shots. Except for one. …When I developed the film, I discovered a shot of Elvis with a magnificent spray of light in front of…

After having taken a shower, and still bare-chested, Elvis has his high school sweetheart, Barbara Hearn, listen on the phonograph to the acetate disc with cuts of his songs from the New York recording session.

1034 Audubon Drive, Memphis,…

While waiting for a train to take him from Chattanooga to Memphis, a trip of some 400 miles, Elvis sits at the lunch counter to have some breakfast. The woman standing had ordered a sandwich for which she was waiting, but was not able to sit at the…

Nearing Memphis after a 27-hour-long trip, Elvis freshens up on the train only to find after washing his hands there are no more paper towels. Not making a big fuss, he shakes his hands dry.

Southern Railroad

Elvis, in deep concentration, sits on the floor of the recording studio listening to a playback of his latest take of “Don’t Be Cruel.” Everyone was focused on him to await his reaction.

RCA Victor Studio 1, New York City

As Elvis left the Hudson Theater, his fans reached out for an autograph and to touch their idol.

NBC Television, Hudson Theater, New York City.

Once inside his suite at the Warwick Hotel, Elvis found an envelope containing dozens of fan letters that were sent to him, which he proceeded to read.

New York City.

Elvis tries to concentrate on rehearsing some of his songs he will perform with the Jordanaires, his backup vocal group, but found it hard to do so because of the screaming of his fans outside the window. He finally went to the window and asked them…

Elvis on the Southern Railroad between Chattanooga and Memphis, Tenn.